Total webhead
Coffee over tea
Rides hip skateboards
Out of the box thinker
Android over apple
Likes hawaii shirts
4 Coffee's in the am
200 Lines of code an hour
Steven Liemberg
Developures Creativitus
Building websites since 2005
100% Full stack


I'm Steven Liemberg, a 27 year old, born and raised in Groningen. When I'm not working I enjoy having a barbeque with friends. I have a small boat that I like to sail around the canals of Groningen. I love finding a little excitement in life by longboarding and skydiving, that really helps to keep things in perspective for me.

Besides series and a little music I like reading seemingly random information about geography or history. I can spend hours on goolge earth just looking at maps. I would like to travel through south and central America one day.


I've had an interested in the creative capablities of computers from about the age of 12. This is why I studied Communication & Multimedia Design, a bachelor study, at the NHL University of Applied Sciences. Here I focused on webdesign and development, concepting, branding and a little bit of video production.

After graduating in 2012 I've started freelancing. In this line of work I focused more on webdevelopment and have had the chance to work on a variety projects. For example a debt collectors application and a interactive map for monitoring energy uses on farms.

I like working in teams, but do not mind the ocassional solitude of working alone. I love being involved with a project from start to finish and love seeing a concept I've worked on doing it's thing in the field.